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American Real Estate Meetup (ARM) offers an abundance of resources to both new and vetted investors alike. We are committed to helping investors save time and money by providing exceptional products and services that we wish we had when we were starting out in the business.

Does your paperwork hold up?  After flipping hundreds of properties and wholesaling dozens of deals, we have fine tuned our paperwork and supporting documents to run a successful real estate company here is Southern California.
Now guess what… WE’RE MOVING!!!  We are selling every contract, checklist, script and hiring criteria we have ever used in California.  
Since most of our documents are CA based, will we not be taking them with us to Houston.  
What’s in it?
  • Investor note
  • JV Agreement
  • Closing Chceklist
  • Construction Master Contract (WE PAID $15,000 IN LEGAL FEES FOR THIS)
  • Bid spread sheet
  • QC Checklist
  • Buyer Script
  • Foreclosure Seller Script
  • Yellow Letter Template
This is valued at over $900, but this month we will give it to you for only $597. 

Standard Real Estate Contract Packagecontract

Imagine sitting at the dining room table with a home seller and you decide that subject to is the strategy you both agree on you reach into your briefcase and…… You don’t have all the documents you need! You tell the seller you will run back home and get them and while you’re gone, Ray the real-estate investor comes into the house and swipes the deal right out from under you. How did this happen? You were not prepared.  By now you should know preparation is everything in this business. NEVER lose a deal because you lack the proper documents! Download your full contract package and always be prepared with every contract and addendum you could need for any situation.

Includes: Simple RE Contract, Investor Note, CAR Sample Contract, JV Agreement – LLC Operating Agreement, Assignment Contract, and a Closing Checklist. – $97.00

Call Scriptsphone

Do you ever receive calls and get stumped on what to say?

Do you sometimes get off the phone and realize you are missing some information?

Do you ever hang up the phone and say ”If only I had said This!”

You are losing money on those leads!

Stop the chaos and uncertainty, know the exact conversation to have with Sellers, and know exactly what to say to homeowners in foreclosure.

Close more deals now!

Imagine having 2 million dollars in your wallet and know exactly what to buy with it! Imagine know the exact questions to ask to land 90% ARV cash buyers! That’s what we have have done with this exact interview script.

Includes: Buyer Script, Seller Script, Foreclosure Seller Script, 90% ARV Buyer Scripts, Closing Checklist, Follow Email Temeplates, Yellow Letter Template, Post Card Template – $97.00

Design Specificationswholesale-6

Time is Money! You must flip houses quickly and one of the biggest components that slow you down is design. To do design work must be talented or pay a designer for it. Not anymore! We have put together a 2017 3 tier custom package. This take the guess work out of flipping, pick from 3 pallets to match the comparable properties in your area. They even have all the home depot sku’s so you can what you need at one location which will save you time and money. We have even included a 4th option for buying and holding. Imagine how simple it will be to flip properties when you download this Spec book now!

Includes: Class B Home – Design Palate, Class C Home – Design Palate, Buy N Hold Home – Design Palate, List of Suppliers and Acct numbers to use, and QC Checklist. – $197.00

Bid Builderalpine premier invesments

Ever heard that you can’t have  fast, cheap and quality in construction?

Me too! But it’s not true. You can have all three !

Ever heard that most projects lose money in the last 2 weeks or last phase?

They do! But we have solved that too. All these issues can be avoided with our Bid Builder package. Get fast accurate work done by using a detailed scope of work that you will be able to build with our bid builder.

As well as make sure your job gets completely finished with our Quality Control checklist.

Make sure your deal makes sense with our deal analyzer

  • Accurate deal analysis
  • Detailed scope of work
  • Quality control checklist

Includes: Bid Spread Sheet, Deal Analyzer, QC Checklist, and PM Checklist – $197.00

Construction Contract Packagealpine premier investments

Ever heard of a contractor taking money and walking off the job?

Ever had a contractor control you instead of you controlling your project?

Have you ever had unexpected change order that ruins your budget?

If you have not it’s just a matter of time till you will.


You can avoid all these issues with our Master Construction Contract Package and addendums.

With thousands of dollars and hundreds of flips this Master contract has been developed to cover all the issues you potentially face with a General Contractor and your project.

Includes: Construction Master Contract, Construction Addendum Contract, Bid Spread Sheet, Deal Analyzer, PM Contract, QC Checklist, and PM Checklist. – $747.00