This is an advanced real estate training workshop designed to help you go from “baking cakes” to “building your bakery”.

Automate Your Process

  • Move your systems into Automation
  • Monitor your business from your cell phone
  • Understand what apps and services will make you more productive and which ones will just waste your time

Set Up Your Business for Success

  • Understand the business budget and breakdown of Expenses
  • Understand how to manage employees and set expectations.
  • Set you flipping company on autopilot.

Hire The Right People

  • Learn how to hire Proficient and Reliable Employees
  • Learn how to break down the job tasks
  • Understand the right personality for each position
  • Set up a Hiring Schedule
  • Define the Job Responsibilities and Pay Structures

The Need for Professional Services

  • Know how to identify the right Attorney
  • Know how to identify the right Accountant
  • Know how to identify the right Banking Partner
  • Know how to hire the right Insurance Brooker

Where are the best places to find the best deals on your materials?

  • Who has the best value on cabinets?
  • Where to find the best looking flooring.
  • How to maximize savings at Home Depot.
  • What stores have the best rewards program?

Come work with experienced Flippers, Project Managers, and Designers with thousands of flips under their belt!

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Attendees will receive the following Bonus Items!

  • Hiring Criteria and Interview Questions
  • Pay Scale Calculator
  • Job Descriptions and Employment Contracts
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Job Task Checklist
  • Virtual Assistant Contacts
  • A Master Contract that can be used with all sub-contractors -A massive value!!!
  • A Project Manager/Site Supervisor Contract
  • Job Scope List
  • Exclusive Alpine Deal Analyzer: Wholesale, Flip, Hold Calculator
  • Access to Home Depot Discounts
  • A list of vetted Southern California Sub Contractors.
  • Standard Kitchen Designs
  • Standard Bathroom Designs
  • Basic Flip material lists.
  • Punchlist Checklist
  • Final Sales Clean Checklist

An Amazing Deal

  • 2 Days of Comprehensive Project manager Training: $2,997 Value
  • Master Contract – $7,000 Value
  • Project Walk-Through Visit – $500 Value
  • Property Close-Out Checklist – $250 Value
  • 2017 Design pallets – $197.00 Value
  • Hiring Criteria – Priceless

Total Value if paid separately: $10,944

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