What is Coffee for Closers?

Whether you are in Product sales, Direct Sales, Services Sales or Real Estate we will show you how to close all those transactions.

“The Closer Room” is a workshop like no other. Where we will teach you the skills you need and put them into action immediately!

What will happen when I attend?

At this workshop, we will take you through state management, rapport building skills, sales cycle, mastering the phone, the face to face interview and the big F/U!

The day is segmented into 3 Parts…


Establish awareness and learn the skills listed above, including how to build instant rapport and more importantly, how to keep it!


Interact with each other using the skills learned in phase 1 on the most common objections we all receive!


GET READY! We are going to walk you through closing the seller! Learn the Seven Steps to a Guaranteed Close!


Casey Eberhart is our very special guest he has closed 1000’s of transactions and will show you the method of having customers call you.


  • Direct Sales Close Example
  • Real Estate Wholesale Close Example
  • And much more…

Price $97.00

VIP Lunch $47.00

Next Class –

Fri, July 28 – Coffee’s for Closers

9:00am – 4:00pm | Airtel Plaza Hotel 7277 Valjean Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406